Virtual Assistants Professionally Trained.

Your new Virtual Assistant has already been professionally trained for this role and they are ready right now.

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Bilingual Assistance

Our crew is capacitated to serve the customer either in English or Spanish.

Lead Generation

We specialize in turning potential clients into happy buyers, whether if it is through cold sales, telemarketing, follow ups, and more.

Website Design

We take care of your brand grow by creating and managing your business website according to your needs. We also keep a record of the visits and interactions for statistical purposes.

Call Center Service

No need to set up a whole big department of personnel to handle customers.

Scheduling & Planning

Our virtual assistants have years of experience in calendar management, and are trained on the most effective methods for fast, error free scheduling.

Personal Assistant

At Synervas, our virtual assistants go way beyond administrative tasks by supporting you as a personal assistant.

High Speed Internet Included

We count with a great internet service to make every task in real time.


No matter what business you are in, getting paid the correct amount in a timely manner for your products or services is extremely important.

Social Media

Do you want presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram? We create and design multimedia content to all platforms and give responses to any interaction, always aiming to offer the best corporate image.

What Can Synervas Help Me With?

The company provides a very multi-skilled virtual assistant for an affordable price.

Services are sorted in real time, accurate information is presented when it is requested and a daily report is executed if it is needed. All the information which has to be prepared in order to have your business updated can be handled by the company due this is the main objective you can count with when hiring it.

Synervas delegates crucial and important tasks and functions to this virtual assistant so that you can focus more on your daily labors and get a little more relaxed of administrative things that are time and energy consuming.

You can take advantage of spending less money with Synervas than hiring a large personnel and setting up a big office to handle customers. Here you can let the experts work and solve any situation in the easiest and most effective way.

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We Can Help You Save Time!

There are dozens of tasks your Synervas assistant can support you. Get more done with a virtual personal assistant, spend more time where it counts

Why not spend your valuable time doing the things that drive sales and increase your revenue, and let your virtual assistant take care of the invoice management for you?

A virtual personal assistant is the fast and easy way to get your to do list prioritized, the family calendar organized, and your personal tasks managed

Your virtual assistant can:

Send introductory emails to new clients

Data conversion, keep records of all activities and tasks

Scheduling appointments

Making reservations

Managing to do task lists

Updated social media

Our crew is capacitated to serve the customer either in English or Spanish

Organizing paperwork, receipts, and bills

Managing payments and collections of pending balances to customers

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